As an inevitable consequence of my journey through memories of taste, the Osteria’s menu is strongly linked to my heartfelt, local dishes. Those that represent my main inspiration and which now find their original character in a more explicit enhancement of taste.

And so, here we have the very traditional macco di fave (creamed fava beans) and the ever-present parmigiana di melanzane (aubergine parmigiana); or spaghetti with clams and swordfish rolls; but if you feel like it, you can also start with a country salad or some ricotta ravioli, not to mention arancine di riso (rice balls) or meatballs, to finish with a dessert from the local gifted tradition, such as gelo di limone (lemon blancmange). Without ever forgetting the great classics of the Sicilian Sunday table: baked chicken with potatoes or fish pizzaiola, paired with the ever-present cannolo di ricotta.