If I thought of Accursio Ristorante as a real home, Radici l’Osteria is an accomplished one. And in a transversal way (or diagonal, using the Sicilian dichotomy previously mentioned). First of all, for the earnest and informal atmosphere that I wanted to imprint on the spaces, thanks to the valuable work of architect Viviana Haddad, who is always capable of entering into perfect harmony with our approach to guests. But, above all, it is for the style and proposals of my kitchen: my desire is that in this space, food and wine become an opportunity for refuge (not necessarily physical), for meeting, for informal sharing, for fun. Just as is at the roots of the word ‘restaurateur’, of medieval origin: that is, one who offers refreshment to travellers, with food and the opportunity to share a pleasant moment.

The cuisine of Radici comes, as I said, from my past. From the desire to bring back to my heart (the word memory comes from there…) the smell, the fragrance, the texture of the dishes tasted, or prepared, in my first approaches to food. The exact term to use here is ‘tradition‘, that is, preserving and handing down ways and customs, recipes and flavours, ingredients and combinations. And the tradition of this island is both that of the farmer and the fisherman.
I grew up absorbing both of them, and with this new project I celebrate the scents of my home and childhood: a tribute to memory and, indeed, to the Radici (Roots). With the desire to also evoke in the memory of guests the emotion of familiar fragrances and the pleasure of re-appropriating them, whenever they wish.

Alongside this homage to tradition, I also cultivate another desire: to bring even those who find it difficult to discover contemporary cuisine closer to my gastronomic vision. Many prefer simple, straightforward cuisine, a quick lunch for when they are on a break, perhaps on holiday, or simply seek the comfort of flavours they already know. This is why my idea of ‘street food’ is that of a key to approach these people: to those who travel, I will have the pleasure of giving a taste of quality traditional cuisine,to those who are already familiar with me that of suggesting, from time to time, a surprising experience beyond the limits of the known.. The criteria of seasonality and the unfaltering temptation to enhance ingredients in a different way will lead us to experiment with a different kind of home cooking, which will be renewed week by week, depending on the ingredients available, and on our imagination.